Your Family Bank® was founded by Edgar L. McLean, President of First Financial Education Centers, LLC at 405 Golfway West Drive, Suite 300, St. Augustine, FL 32095.

Mr. McLean has more than 29 years in the business, and is also founder and President of Church Legacy Ministries, Legacy Ministries of America, First Financial College Planning, First Financial Debt Relief, and The Mailing House.

First Financial Education Centers and Your Family Bank® have over 500 affiliated offices across the country and have helped thousands of people prepare for all aspects of their financial well-being.

All Your Family Bank® Agents must undergo rigorous training in our financial concepts and principles and put our clients first. Your Family Bank® was created to educate the population and to change their lives.

Our office is a certified agency of Your Family Bank® and we are located at 801 International Parkway, Suite 500, Lake Mary, FL  32746

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Your Family Bank®Concept

Your Family Bank® enables individuals, families and businesses to create a personalized financing program to capture some of the interest normally paid to financial institutions, and operates similarly to the federally chartered bank down the street. Your Family Bank® teaches the individual how to have freedom from the traditional method of financing, which means you will no longer be dependent on banking institutions or finance providers for funds. By becoming your own bank, you are able to keep the loan interest as well as the principal--you take back control over the loan stipulations and, ultimately, you transform your debts into assets.


GLENDA fegers

Glenda Fegers has been in the financial industry since 2005. Prior to that she was a teacher. Her passion lies in understanding others as unique individuals as well as helping them understand the financial concepts to make them successful. She puts her clients’ best interests first and has great energy and enthusiasm for her work. ​She grew up in South Florida , received her degree in South Carolina, and now resides in Central Florida.

Mark Sher, RFC

Mark Sher graduated with a degree in business from the University of Miami. Mr. Sher has over 15 years of experience helping clients with the creation, preservation and the distribution of wealth utilizing specific financial, insurance, and tax-efficiency strategies.


"Unbelievable! A fantastic, educational, enlightening read! I am a certified financial planner and have literally recommended this book to over 50 people in the week since I read it. Every one of my 400 clients will have it and use it as their "turn to" source when they are trying to remember why we have set up what we did. I will be forever grateful to have it as a reference to guide potential clients towards so they can read about the things we are talking about that no one has ever spoken to them about and they can't figure out why. Thank you, thank you for your efforts to bring people financial freedom."

Kim D. H. Butler CFP, Phoenix, AZ
(Kim is a financial adviser to Robert Kiyosaki, Author of RICH DAD,POOR DAD)

"When I think of the long-term effects on those who read Becoming Your Own Banker, I see: Less divorce in our country. Most of the divorces have financial matters at their root. Less need for government interference in out lives. Obeying the principles will preclude the need for Social Security. Peace of mind. This will have an effect of life span and overall health. Control of your own destiny. The ability to serve others more effectively. This concept allows all these things to happen. I'm glad I was introduced to it many years ago and was able to play a part in its development."

Roland J. Nelson Pharmacist, Birmingham, AL

"The concept offers a chance to accumulate much greater sums of money 'tax-free' than is possible with IRAs or 401(k) plans, without being forced to wait until age 59 ½ to use the money without penalties, or being forced to begin taxable withdrawals at 70 ½."

Engineer, and a recent graduate of Law School at Washington & Lee University
Kent Basson

"...my Family Bank Agent really took the time to educate me on important financial principles giving me valuable insight into money that I never had before."

E. C. Florida
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